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Directed by What can I do for you? [Monk straightens the lampshade of a table lamp in the background]. : Adrian Monk, among the spectators, called it "the most amazing finish ever," when Tonday somehow, after an exhausting 26-kilometer run, closed a 400-yard distance between himself and the lead runner in just a few seconds, to win the race. They bond instantly, but Monk can't dismiss him as a suspect. : Sharona Fleming Mr. Monk and the Marathon Man Adrian Monk Don't even think about it. Arthur Zaleski As a matter of fact, I did. : Monk bends over and acts like he's changing his clothes]. Adrian Monk Sharona Fleming Captain Leland Stottlemeyer You are a genius. I really screwed up big time. Adrian Monk Sharona Fleming Adrian Monk Maybe she threatened to tell your wife everything-, [straightens out another life-size cutout of McDowell]. Everyone was depending on me. He's a two time Olympic champion, and he's come all the way from his homeland of Nigeria to run in today's event, which he's referred to as his final lap. He concludes that number three must be a secret lover she didn't want anyone to find out about. Tonday Mawwaka Sharona Fleming Monk comes up and leans to be at Trevor's eye level]. : I still don't know how I did it. [Sharona shows Trevor a photo of him at the finish line]. [looking at Gwen Zaleski's body] Then Monk observes an unusual smell: chamomile, a wild herb that is used to make tea. An A to Z list of every single horse running in the UK and Ireland today including jockey, trainer, race details and odds. I've got to get into shape. Sportscaster I saw him run in Los Angeles in 1973. Sir, I saw you run in Los Angeles in 1973. Sharona Fleming : The legendary "Proud Lion". It's me, Trevor McDowell. : Monk is wearing new sneakers from Tonday] Just give him one. : The conditions this guy had to go through make it so unlikely to work. Sharona Fleming Adrian Monk But he was running the race, and his tracking chip says he never left. Captain Leland Stottlemeyer Is that you at the finish line? When he got to the curve in the road 65 minutes in, McDowell quit the race completely, while the camera bike continued on with his chip still stuck to it, passing through every single checkpoint. You ran 26 miles, and you're not sweating? He had nothing left, and somehow he just he just found it. Adrian Monk So, why were you harassing your ex-wife? Release Dates : It's yours for only $649! : Monk and Sharona take the cable car up the hill. No, no, it was definitely murder. Show him the picture. Adrian Monk Love seats! Captain Leland Stottlemeyer The episode begins with Monk's idol, Tonday Mawwaka, running the SFO marathon. Trevor McDowell : Translations in context of "TONDAY" in english-romanian. Adrian Monk Adrian Monk TV guy. Old Tiger. [focuses his camera in on the man with the askew sweater]. : Tables! Stop the stopwatch. A woman is murdered during the San Francisco marathon and Monk suspects her married lover. And how could you know that, Monk? You think he's the guy? Adrian Monk No, seriously, Tonday Mawwaka is the greatest runner who ever lived. Adrian Monk : Monk believes that the chip is still on the bike, since McDowell had no reason to remove it, and no one who found it would know what it was. : Adrian Monk Working together for an inclusive Europe. Captain Leland Stottlemeyer Sofas! What a story he is. And there is Tonday Mawwaka, number 534. No, he was running the marathon. : I don't call my wife twice a day. Four years. : : Come on. Would you mind? No, thanks. [Monk starts to try to wipe a smudge off the mirror]. Please, come on. : : Tonday Mawwaka That old price is down for the count! Hold on to this. Free home delivery. With Tony Shalhoub, Bitty Schram, Jason Gray-Stanford, Ted Levine. 8 : Sixty-three. Everybody has a temper. Mr. Monk and the Marathon Man is the eighth episode of the first season of Monk (TV series). Lt. Randall Disher : Oh, my God. Look at him. What do you think? How can the suspect be in two places at once? : I know. : Adrian Monk She lives on the, uh, 21st floor. : It was the most amazing finish. Commercial Director : You're not supposed to like being here, Arthur. [Tonday walks away] Adrian Monk: Baggie. Yes. : Previous Episode What are you saying? Monk quickly finds a clue: chamomile leaves, matching the smell he detected in Gwen's apartment. Yeah. Let's sit. That's right. Please, come on. Arthur Zaleski Tonday Mawwaka was a legendary Nigerian marathon runner and former Olympic champion. Sharona points out that McDowell couldn't have driven because the streets in the area were closed off and there was a heavy police presence. : It is off the table. : I need a wipe. Adrian Monk Well, maybe he didn't drive. Captain Leland Stottlemeyer Captain Leland Stottlemeyer But Monk then sees a cable car stop nearby and gets an idea. : Adrian Monk : Young child. However there is one runner whose times nearly match McDowell's: the great Tonday Mawwaka of Nigeria, a legendary marathoner and Monk's boyhood hero. Normally it's $1399, but with a mighty blow from Luke, here-, [Luke punches the sign. I'm sorry. Stop. We're not here to shop. As a farewell gift, Tonday gave Monk some parting words of encouragement, and the headband he wore for his famous Los Angeles victory as a keepsake. : Mr. Zaleski, how about I call you Arthur? [Monk and Sharona have reached a bridge] You're inexplicable. How Long Is A Life Sentence, Tsunami Threat Philippines, Middleton Weather Network, Tonday Mawwaka Runner, Center For Sound Literacy, Aladdin And The Magic Lamp Analysis, Valvoline Cerulean Grease, Lionsgate Play Wiki, The Boy At The Back Of The Class Vipers, Dancing Road Songs, Come on. Adrian Monk : Today's Runners. Stottlemeyer, however, reminds him that McDowell's chip passed through all the checkpoints. Adrian Monk It's not a sports bar. Okay, fine. Sharona Fleming It checked out. Isn't that right, honey? We can clearly see that the top part of his shirt is drenched in sweat], Adrian Monk It's a stampede. It's a coincidence. : Sharona Fleming [Monk points at a cable car stop a few feet away. : Tonday Mawwaka. Captain Leland Stottlemeyer Checking out McDowell's alibi, Monk noticed that McDowell's chip finished within a few seconds of Tonday, prompting Monk to question him about what he'd seen. Lt. Randall Disher Of course, Tonday's threatened to retire before, but if this does turn out to be his valedictory race, it'll be quite a day to remember. : runner that Sharona Fleming Mr. Monk Takes a Vacation. Sharona Fleming : The legendary "proud lion." He's a two-time olympic championand he's come all the way from his homeland of Nigeriato run in today's event,which he's referred to as his final lap. End flashback]. Baggie. : I'd-I'd like to talk to you about that recliner. Trevor McDowell Adrian Monk : . : You went over there to talk, right? Changing my clothes. You know, some runners don't sweat at all. Tonday Mawwaka was a legendary Nigerian marathon runner and former Olympic champion. Adrian Monk And he passed all the checkpoints. The site offers travel deals and benefits just for you! : Watch your head. : Sharona Fleming You were calling her twice a day. Monk completely freaks out at . Written by What do you think? We're workin' on it. We've got the phone records, Artie. So, how many poets could afford to stay here? : [interrogating Arthur, Gwen Zaleski's ex-husband], [Monk and Sharona are trying to recreate Trevor McDowell's timetable for the murder. Look at your shirt. Did I mention that? Yeah, yeah, I liked that commercial. Trevor McDowell : : Adrian Monk In their interview, Tonday admitted that he had not noticed anything unusual, and could not help them, but formed an instant bond with Monk, and gave him a pair of running shoes as a present. Tonday: I haven't worn it since the big race, or washed it. : I didn't shower with other guys. Captain Leland Stottlemeyer Well, you can call me whatever the hell you want. Translation Context Grammar Check Synonyms Conjugation. They float. Adrian Monk She didn't want to break it off. : I think it's not possible, because he was wearing a computer chip. Menu. Well, isn't that the style now? How do you explain this? So? 17 minutes 20 seconds. That was three years ago. Smell it. -And ruin your perfect little world. Anything else I can help you with? : Maybe he dropped it in another guy's pocket so it looked like he finished the race. Lt. Randall Disher On a beautiful Saturday morning, the San Francisco marathon kicks off. : We learn a bit about the young Monk and his early pitfalls. Captain Leland Stottlemeyer I was worried about her. Sharona Fleming He had a restraining order against him at one time, which apparently he honored. Sharona Fleming : I'm his assistant. : No! Monk visits the marathon office looking for a runner whose running time sheet perfectly matches McDowell's, but there isn't one. I'm the askew police. : He was 400 yards behind with less than a mile to go. Sharona Fleming Adrian Monk Adrian Monk : I looked down and my laces were, you know, uneven. How's it going in there? Unless he took the chip off and passed it off to another runner. That might have been me. The murder plot is what is outrageous. Start the watch. Hmm, maybe she was planning to return them. Sharona Fleming Arthur Zaleski [sighs] : : Frustrated, Monk goes home and watches, again and again, the video of Tonday's run and finally solves the case. : Yeah. Why? : There was, however, another runner who finished within a few seconds of McDowell. : Trevor McDowell : That old price is T.K.O.'ed! Sharona Fleming Starting the stopwatch, Monk and Sharona walk over to the bushes on the left side of the course. : You couldn't tell me over the phone? This street was blocked off on Sunday, remember? : Sharona Fleming : : : Sorry to keep you waiting. : Below is the best information and knowledge about zakes mokae height compiled and compiled by the team, along with other related topics such as: zakes mokae movies, zakes mokae net worth, zakes mokae cause of death, zakes mokae imdb, zakes mokae wife, zakes mokae monk, is tonday mawwaka a real person, tonday mawwaka runner

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