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A New York Lawton Family

By: Leo Lawton The War for Independence was over! The colonists had broken from what they considered the oppressive rule of England. It was a time for healing among those who had argued the merits of complete separation versus remaining

A Lawton Romance

In the 800 block of Leadenhall Street in Baltimore resides the oldest woodworking firm in the United States. Founded by Joseph Thomas in 1820, the business was soon named Joseph Thomas and Son with the birth of his son in


Homesteading Leo Lawton Between 1874 and 1876 the Native American Indians of Saskatchewan, Canada ceded away their rights to the land. However, settlement by former Europeans awaited surveying of the land, a homestead policy, and a ready means of access.

Old Pioneer Days, Part Two

Old Pioneer Days – Part II Grace Petterson I “Grace McClain Petterson” will try and write a few things as I remember my mother telling them to us. The family continued to live on the old homestead although things were

Old Pioneer Days

Old Pioneer Days Addie Lenora Lawton McClain 1868-1944 This story was lovingly hand written by Addie Lenora Lawton McClain, (1940) and painstakingly transcribed and edited by Stephen Lawton. It was sent in and graciously proof read by Denise Crawford and

Oliver Lawton’s Farm

By: Leo Lawton Peter Warren was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1703. By 1744 he was in command of a 16 ship squadron of the English Royal Navy. He had become a wealthy man. Using some of that wealth he