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(a) A court of record within its jurisdiction has power to declare rights, status, and other legal relations whether or not further relief is or could be claimed. Explanation of the Constitution - from the Congressional Research Service Co. v. Gandy, 925 S.W.2d 696 (Tex. A court may not . 1996); Williamson v. State Farm Lloyds, 76 S.W.3d 64 (Tex. xX]oF}G?SeW0W44q>EqU{s@N|Bt2&iw'PmH'4QH1_>{'Y7bLH dB4uX;iYtI7F7*L^F See, e.g., Ruth v. Imperial Ins. In older cases, courts allowed broad introduction of extrinsic evidence in a declaratory judgment context. (c) The enumerations in Sections 37.004 and 37.005 do not limit or restrict the exercise of the general powers conferred in this section in any proceeding in which declaratory relief is sought and a judgment or decree will terminate the controversy or remove an uncertainty. at 68. Code Crim. DECLARATIONS RELATING TO TRUST OR ESTATE. See State Farm Mut. 466, 473, 80 L.Ed. A declaratory judgment must be based on an actual controversy, and cannot be merely advisory. Co., 579 S.W.2d 523 (Tex. PRACTICAL CONSIDERATIONS App.Corpus Christi 2003, no writ). denied) (judgment of negligence in underlying case did not establish that negligent acts caused bodily injury, and did not preclude insurer from establishing intentional conduct); Deering Mgmt. Ohio Cas. 2201, to determine an actual controversy between the . App.Houston [14th Dist.] 651-389-5000, 10001 Reunion Place h.). One reason proffered is the possibility of inconsistent outcomes. Screen for heightened risk individual and entities globally to help uncover hidden risks in business relationships and human networks. Civ. 1 Justice Smith was perhaps prescient in his dissent, concluding that a justiciable controversy existed. The court recognized that the insurer was defending, but the coverage issue would not be litigated in the underlying case, so declaratory relief was appropriate. Texas is not a direct action state, and a claimant typically has no claim against an insurer until a judgment is obtained. See Granite State Ins. Browse an unrivalled portfolio of real-time and historical market data and insights from worldwide sources and experts. Nautilus also simultaneously commenced a declaratory judgment action in federal court seeking a declaration that it did not owe a duty to defend because the underlying action did not allege "personal and advertising injury.". The insured was located in Hidalgo County, the car was purchased in Hidalgo County, and the salesman contacted the agent by phone, from Hidalgo County, to add the car to the policy. 37.003. oEN>-BZ=/c]-ZP4U3o>0!f$F = FQfB@DlClYthnA mML.;Emu =uT (not justiciable controversy); Foust v. Ranger Ins. Saint Paul, MN 55102 959, Sec. Id. Tex. These filings and docket sheets should not be considered findings of fact or liability, nor do they necessarily reflect the view of Justia. Amended by Acts 1987, 70th Leg., ch. Plaintiff's Complaint fails to state a cause of action. 1364 (N.D. Tex. 3.08(a), eff. Co. v. Port Auth. 504-526-4350, 408 St. Peter Street, Suite 510 59.02(c). (prior judgment not res judicata as to amended pleading that alleged new facts, not involving completed operations); St. Paul Ins. 45 (N.D. Tex. ), the court held the county where the agent was located, the policy was sold, and the claim was reported, was not a proper venue. See Southern County Mut. 1996) (nevertheless refraining from determining coverage for indemnity, on the basis of judicial economy). Similarly, courts have held that an insurance company has no right to intervene in the liability action against the insured to seek a coverage determination. Co. v. Sassin, 894 F.Supp. Texas Supreme Court to Decide Whether a Declaratory Judgment Action is the Proper Way to Assert an Underinsured Motorist Claim January 7, 2021 Bob Allen The Allen Law Group Ever since the landmark Texas Supreme Court decision in Brainard v. App.El Paso 1976, writ refd n.r.e.) Sept. 1, 1987; Acts 1999, 76th Leg., ch. Where the insurer is providing a defense, it is a party to the attorney-client privilege, and can share in communications between the insured and defense counsel, without waiver. Where suits are filed in two states, one court may abstain in favor of the first-filed suit. denied); ANR Prod. The courts appear to be split, with federal courts being somewhat more lenient in allowing the use of extrinsic evidence in this circumstance. (driver excluded); see also Tri-Coastal Contrs, Inc. v. Hartford Undwrs Ins. dismd, 507 U.S. 1026 (1993); cf. Civ. Co. v. Hood, 895 F.Supp. Co. v. Tilley, 484 S.W.2d 802, 806 (Tex. Co. v. River Entertainment, 998 F.2d 311, 315 (5th Cir. When there is uncertainty as to the legal obligations or rights between two parties, a declaratory judgment offers an immediate means to resolve this uncertainty. The right to award costs and fees is discretionary, not mandatory. 37.002. Co., 143 F.3d 192 (5th Cir. Unfortunately, while 38.001, et seq., may allow recovery of attorneys fees by the insured, in a proper case, it provides no basis for recovery of fees by an insurer. App.Corpus Christi 1997, no pet.) App.Amarillo 2019). Obviously, the nature of the coverage issue to be determined will also determine the scope of discovery. App.Dallas 1992, writ denied); U.S. Fire Ins. Burch involved a declaration that the insurer owed defense, and also owed indemnity for the insureds liability for his wifes torts. The courts have recognized an exception when the liability insurance is statutorily required, and arguably for the benefit of the claimant, such as compulsory auto insurance or workers compensation. The Court also held that its decision is in line with what has "historically been the majority approach." The district court dismissed the indemnification issue, but granted judgment on defense, based on the extrinsic evidence. App. The following state regulations pages link to this page. If the discovery is limited, or poorly conducted, or does not address the coverage issues, however, the insurer may seek additional testimony and evidence. Co. v. Burch, 442 S.W.2d 331 (Tex. In fact, the Court held that the policy "did not apply" in the context of Nautilus' claim for reimbursement of defense costs, as it had already been determined that there was no duty to defend. In RSL Funding, LLC v. Pippins, No. Ins. A declaratory judgment is one which simply declares the rights of the parties, or expresser, the opinion of the court on a question of law, without ordering anything to be done. The answer may depend upon whether the insurer has defended or simply denied coverage, and the extent to which the issue is actually material to, and fully litigated in, the underlying dispute. In other respects the Uniform Declaratory Judgment Act affords a guide to the scope and function of the Federal act. Created is remedy JURY TRIAL. 8 0 obj Co. v. Trejo, 39 F.3d 585, 590 (5th Cir. Prior to the Grapevine Excavation case, the Fifth Circuit had construed 38.006 to exempt insurers from paying attorneys fees in breach of contract actions. While the law is less clear, Federal courts, applying Texas law, have reached a similar conclusion. Even before the Texas Supreme Courts opinion in Griffin, federal courts recognized that indemnity presented an actual controversy and was justiciable, prior to judgment in the underlying liability suit. Foust v. Ranger Ins. <>>> . Acts 1985, 69th Leg., ch. 1. See, e.g., Dairyland County Mut. 5 0 obj Instead, plaintiffs alleged River Entertainment was negligent for allowing the defendant to leave, in his own vehicle, when they should have known his driving ability was impaired. App.Houston [1st Dist.] App.Dallas 1998, pet. When declaratory relief will not be effective in settling the controversy, the court may decline to grant it. Exclusive news, data and analytics for financial market professionals. 639a3). Co. v. Boll, 392 S.W.2d 158, 161 (Tex. Under this rule, the insurers defense obligations are determined by the allegations of the pleadings and the language of the insurance policy, without regard to the actual facts. App. SUBJECT MATTER OF RELIEF. (Deering, 1937) 1062a), Michigan (3 Comp.Laws (1929) 13904), and Kentucky (Codes (Carroll, 1932) Civ.Pract. See Bernard v. Gulf Ins. Cf. See, e.g., Standard Fire Ins. Co. v. Bailey, 133 F.3d 363, 368 (5th Cir. Ins. The industry leader for online information for tax, accounting and finance professionals. 1993). Insurer's right to file declaratory judgment action 9. The Second Department's decision creates a distinction amongst the First and Second Departments, possibly making the issue ripe for review by New York's Court of Appeals. v. Mitchell, 138 F.3d 208, 210 (5th Cir. 1, eff. See Utica Lloyds of Tex. The existence of another adequate remedy does not preclude a declaratory judgment that is otherwise appropriate. Co., 542 S.W.2d 429 (Tex. In Nautilus, the insureds were sued in California state court by a former business partner asserting numerous claims, including interference with prospective economic advantage. R. CIV. Admiral Ins. See, e.g., State Farm Lloyds v. In this instance, both state and federal courts have readily allowed the use of extrinsic evidence to determine the duty to defend. : the evidence and arguments presented supporting the defendant's opposition see also accord, alibi . Code37.009 provides that in any proceeding under this Chapter, the court may award costs and reasonable and necessary attorneys fees as they are equitable and just.. Co. v. Taylor, 706 S.W.2d 352 (Tex. Co. v. Taylor, 832 S.W.2d 645 (Tex. 2201. & REM. Circuit Court of Appeals certified the question of whether an insurer is entitled to recoupment of defense costs based on a reservation of its rights to seek recoupment to the Nevada Supreme Court. See, e.g., Cook v. Ohio Cas. App.Dallas 2001, pet. In American Genl Fire & Cas. All orders, judgments, and decrees under this chapter may be reviewed as other orders, judgments, and decrees. (b) A district court has original jurisdiction of a proceeding seeking a declaratory judgment that involves: (1) a party seeking declaratory relief that is a business that is: (A) organized under the laws of this state or is otherwise owned by a resident of this state; or, (B) a retailer registered with the comptroller under Section 151.106, Tax Code; and, (A) is an official of another state; and. See, e.g., Wilton v. Seven Falls Co., 515 U.S. 277, 286 (1995). The Court held that insurers are entitled to recoupment even where the policy at issue does not expressly provide such a right. This Note is jurisdiction neutral. 1989, no writ); In re Fontenot, 13 S.W.3d 111 (Tex. Because the pleadings did not address a fact essential to determining coverage, the court allowed extrinsic evidence. In re Houston Specialty Insurance Co., 569 S.W.3d 138 (Tex. 1998). Co. v. County of Nye0, Nev., 26 . App.Austin 1998, pet. CODE provides, in subpart (a), that: When declaratory relief is sought, all persons who have or claim any interest that would be affected by the declaration must be made parties. endstream The fact that a declaratory judgment may be granted whether or not further relief is or could be prayed indicates that declaratory relief is alternative or cumulative and not exclusive or extraordinary. 30, 2007, eff. (b) The declaration may be either affirmative or negative in form and effect, and the declaration has the force and effect of a final judgment or decree. Despite the complaint allegation rule, Texas courts have always recognized that there are circumstances in which the court must look to extrinsic evidence to determine whether a duty to defend exists. Group, Inc., 946 F.Supp. See, e.g., State Farm Fire & Cas. The Supreme Court of Texas has ruled that a company did not waive its right to arbitration by bringing a "friendly" declaratory judgment action. Ins. <> Co. of Texas v. Erskine, 169 S.W.2d 731 (Tex. endobj Facts and Procedural History. Co. v. Sweatt, 978 S.W.2d 267 (Tex. Andrew A. Lipkowitz is an associate at Kaufman Dolowich & Voluck LLP and primarily focuses his practice in insurance coverage litigation and monitoring. Co., 387 S.W.2d 22, 25 (Tex. App.Dallas 2001, no pet.) at 452-53; but see Tri-Coastal Contrs Inc., 981 S.W.2d at 863 (questioning scope of exception). 1996) (insurer not estopped from litigating employment issue). Sec. PRAC. Co., 975 S.W.2d 329, 332 (Tex. There is a contract, and a dispute over the parties rights and obligations under the contract. App.Dallas 2000, pet. June 29, 2021 - A standard feature of CGL policies is the duty to defend, which obligates insurance companies to defend an insured even if there is ultimately no duty to indemnify. Co. v. Cooper Mach. A court may not, however, refuse to exercise jurisdiction on the basis of a whim or personal disinclination. See, e.g., St. Paul Ins. Co. v. Grapevine Excavation, 241 F.3d 396 (5th Cir. In Chiriboga v. State Farm Mut. (b) A contract may be construed either before or after there has been a breach. Co. v. Rio Grande Heart Specialists of So. On the other hand, where the insured seeks a declaration that the insurer owes indemnity, before resolution of the underlying case, the opinion may be considered advisory, and declaratory relief may, indeed, be premature. Citing the Travelers case, the court recited the relevant factors the court must consider in determining whether to dismiss a declaratory judgment action: 1) whether there is a pending state action in which all of the matters in controversy may be fully litigated; 2) whether the plaintiff filed suit in anticipation of a lawsuit filed by the defendant; 3) whether the plaintiff engaged in forum shopping in bringing the suit; 4) whether possible inequities in allowing the declaratory plaintiff to gain precedence in time or to change forums exist; 5) whether the federal court is a convenient forum for the parties and witnesses; 6) whether retaining the lawsuit in federal court would serve the purposes of judicial economy; and. <> 1995). Co. v. Cowan, 945 S.W.2d 819 (Tex. San Antonio, TX 78216 In state court, an order to seal discovery requires that the parties jump through a number of additional hoops, but protective orders are still available. 1445(c) and federal abstention principles. The existence of another adequate remedy does not preclude a declaratory judgment that is otherwise appropriate. Ins. Of N.Y. & N.J., 166 A.D.3d 464 (1st Dep't 2018); Max Specialty Ins. (whether driver qualified as an insured); John Deere Ins. In determining amount in controversy, the court may consider policy limits and defense costs, and is not necessarily limited by the damages pleaded in the underlying suit. 1993). . 925 S.W.2d at 714. New Orleans, LA 70130 10, eff. Acts 1985, 69th Leg., ch. Sec. Moreover, Insurers should note that policies that are not duty to defend, or otherwise expressly provide a right of recoupment, may not be subject to the same limitations on the right of recoupment. & Rem. The most significant is that there must be a justiciable controversy between the parties. 7 0 obj The landowner-appellant appealed a declaratory judgment excluding guests of his commercial lodge from freely using reserved lot areas on some property (essentially gutting the commercial. App.San Antonio 1998, pet. Co., 981 S.W.2d 889 (Tex. The collision was also in Hidalgo County, as was the liability suit. Under Texas law, a duty to defend is determined by the complaint allegation rule. See, e.g., Standard Fire Ins. On Dec. 30, 2020, New York's Appellate Division, Second Department, issued a ruling which may have created a split in authority on the question of recoupment of defense costs among New York's appellate level courts. Co., 61 F.3d 389 (5th Cir. The controversy is ripe, because the insurer is called upon to defend, and because the existence of coverage may impact the outcome of the suit. Sec. App.Dallas 2001, pet. The insurer refused to pay the judgment, on the basis that the insureds conduct constituted a willful violation of a penal statute, and was thus excluded by the policy. <> In American, the insurer agreed to defend the insured in an underlying personal injury action but reserved its right to deny coverage to the extent that the insurer was prejudiced due to the insured's late notice of the action. Tex. A Texas court may also enjoin the litigants from moving forward on the same issues in any other jurisdiction. 37.002 provides that the chapter is remedial: Its purpose is to settle and to afford relief from uncertainty and in security with respect to rights, status, and other legal relations; and it is to be legally construed and administered. The Act does not create or enlarge jurisdiction. A federal court cannot, however, stay a pending suit for declaratory relief to allow the parties to re-file suit in state court, as the state court will have no jurisdiction. Under most liability policies, the claimants are not third-party beneficiaries and have no direct rights, and no cause of action, against the insurer until there has been a settlement, to which the insurer agrees, or a judgment against the insured. As a matter of law, the duty to defend is broader than the duty to indemnify, and an insurer's duty to defend is triggered as long as there is a "reasonable possibility" that the insurer may have to indemnify the insured under the policy. (B) asserts a claim that the party seeking declaratory relief is required to collect sales or use taxes for that state based on conduct of the business that occurs in whole or in part within this state. In St. Paul Ins. 1993) (Colorado River factors inapplicable in declaratory judgment action); Granite State Ins. We are experienced Texas civil litigation attorneys based in Fort Worth who know Texas courts and Texas law. 2d 719, 725 (D. Minn. 2005) (applying Texas law); Forum Ins. 606 S.W.3d 774 (Tex. Co. v. Wade, 827 S.W.2d 448 (Tex. <> Further, while it is unlikely that an insurer wishes to proceed, without protective order, to establish evidence that demonstrates the insureds liability as the insurer has not yet prevailed on its coverage defenses it is also unclear under what standard the insured should be able to protect otherwise discoverable information, simply because it is damaging. C.M.W., 53 S.W.3d 877 (Tex. In holding that Nautilus was entitled to recoupment of defense costs, the Court reasoned that the right to recoupment was not governed by the insurance policy at issue, but rather the right is afforded to the insurer under the theory of common law unjust enrichment. any court of the United States, upon the filing of an appropriate pleading, may declare the rights and other legal relations of any interested party seeking such declaration, whether or not further relief is or could be sought. 1992), cert. Disclaimer: Justia Dockets & Filings provides public litigation records from the federal appellate and district courts. Texas Dept of Public Safety v. Moore, 985 S.W.2d 149, 153-54 (Tex. The complaint allegation rule can pose a problem with declaratory relief. v. Wallace, 288 U.S. 249 (1933); Gully, Tax Collector v. Interstate Natural Gas Co., 82 F.(2d) 145 (C.C.A.5th, 1936); Ohio Casualty Ins. The court of appeals determined that the Uniform Declaratory Judgments Act can be used for this purpose and affirmed the trial court's judgment to the same effect. 959, Sec. App.Houston [1st Dist.] App.San Antonio 2019). See Bocquet v. Herring, 972 S.W.2d 19 (Tex. 6 0 obj Co. v. Gandy, 925 S.W.2d 696 (Tex. In Williamson, a jury awarded the claimant damages against the insured for false imprisonment. Although the trial court vacated the default judgment, on appeal, the Second Department reversed the lower court's order and reinstated the judgment against the insureds. denied, 511 U.S. 1032 (1994). Co. v. Ward, 107 S.W.3d 820 (Tex. Rules 38 and 39 govern a demand for a jury trial. Declaratory judgment actions are oftentimes filed in federal court. stream A justiciable controversy may nonetheless exist where no other cause of action is available or has ripened. 1993), cert. (a) In a case of actual controversy within its jurisdiction, except with respect to Federal taxes . In Gandy, the court broadened the scope of re-litigation, noting that in no event, however, is a judgment for plaintiff against defendant rendered without a fully adversarial trial, binding on defendants insurer . biala droga rabbit location, seton o'connor wife, brian roberts lyft wife,

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